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Printable Supermarket Coupons and Vouchers | Free Stuff

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Putting the customer first. Created with your shopping experience in mind. We only help you find the best bargains. Then put the items that cost more at your chosen supermarket into one transaction, and the ones that are cheapest in another. That way the price difference you'll get will be the greatest - and you'll get the maximum possible voucher. When you're shopping, separate uber-deals from full-price items.

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You could organise them in the front and back of the trolley, or even use different baskets. At checkout, pay for the two piles of shopping separately. With luck, you'll have a basket full of full-price items that will hopefully score a price match discount or voucher.

Then the separate basket of mega-bargains won't drag your average spend down. It is possible for you to predict when certain items will go on sale using Mysupermarket.

Save on your shopping with free vouchers & discounts for groceries & more

By correctly predicting sales, you can pinpoint the best time to use your coupons and save the most money. Supermarkets often change deals and release new sales advertisements mid-week, which means that Wednesday can be a critical day.

  1. Where to get free vouchers to save HUNDREDS off your supermarket shopping bill;
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  5. There can be glitches which you can exploit - often new deals will come into effect but stores will honour last week's deals as well. If you can predict the sale then pounce on the deal mid-week, you're in the money. Stockpiling isn't just for survivalists fearing a zombie apocalypse. Extreme couponers take pride in their impressive store of goods, organising it so they all get used. Stockpiling is great to save you a lot of money in the long run. If you find a coupon for something that means it's very cheap or even free it's a great time to stock up.

    Extreme Couponing In The UK – It Can Be Done!

    Here are some things you should know beforehand:. As a general rule of thumb, non-perishables are best. These never go out of date and if bought for cheap will save you a lot of money in the future. And if something goes wrong and you have to eat tins of tuna by next Tuesday, don't just chuck it out - consider donating to a local food bank or shelter find your nearest. You can still consume items if they have passed their best before, it is the use by date that you should check to see if it is okay to consume. Read more about this in our guide. Need to use up five packs of sardines and seven packets of couscous?

    To help you creatively consume the couponing goodies you're not sure what to do with, try checking out handy websites that suggest recipes based on the items you've got. This nifty trick's specific to Tesco, but it's well worth knowing about in case you're ever overcharged. If Tesco charges you full price for an item that's on sale, DON'T say anything at the till if you do, they'll just put in the correct price. Instead, wait till the transaction's gone through, then go to customer services, explain what happened and say you want 'Double the Difference' - they'll give you double what you were overcharged.

    Tesco doesn't want to shout about this - but its press office has confirmed the policy is "part of our promise to customers". There are also signs in stores.

    How to save £100s by taking couponing to the max

    Make sure you are talking to someone who knows about the policy and insist on double the difference rather than a basic refund. Many couponers play the system. When they find a pricing mistake they buy as many items as they can, then pay the incorrect amount they're charged before taking it all to the counter and claiming their 'Double the Difference' refund. Be careful though - if you're wrong about the price glitch, you'll have to pay full whack. Couponing is a very friendly hobby. There are lots of online groups and forums for you to join to have a good natter about all things couponing and to swap coupons.

    The MSE Forum is a great place to interact with other couponers. Below is a list of some of the common terms used on the forum coupon board:. BC means a barcode with a good chance of a universal scan - a bc is a barcode which only selected stores can scan. Internet-printable - an online coupon or voucher you can print out yourself. Non-store specific you can use this voucher in different supermarkets.

    The nicer you are, the more likely shop staff will help you out - and while it's important you know your rights, a certain amount of goodwill never hurt either. It'll make life easier - next time as well. This will make it easier for the cashier. Let them know as they join that you have a load of coupons and they may want to queue somewhere else. Self-service tills are an irritant for many folks "unexpected item in bagging area".

    Yet they help couponers get things done at top speed. Supermarket staff don't always know exactly how coupons work, and can take a while to scan them. It's often just easier to let the system add the coupons. Never use self-service tills as a way to slip through coupons you think could be invalid. If your extreme couponing career takes off, you could find yourself printing out hundreds of online coupons. Considering ink is more expensive than champagne, make sure you get a printer that uses good-value ink. Supermarkets' terms and conditions NEVER require you to print in colour, as long as it's clear and easy to scan.

    The problem is sometimes suspicious shop assistants argue coupons have been photocopied - so printing in colour may make your life easier. We must thank our former Deals Hunter, Charlotte Burns, who worked at MSE until , for the work she did on the original version of this guide. MSE Jordon's added his own tips and tricks, and will look after the guide from now on.

    How did you get on? We want to hear your extreme couponing successes. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site.